How to Decorate with Plants: How Many Should You Start With?

How to Decorate with Plants: How Many Should You Start With?

If you're new to this idea and have been inspired/excited to add some green to your home from all the Bohemian Chic and Scandinavian or Minimalist design pictures out there, let me tell you, you should probably plan ahead. Before you run to the garden shop and pick out a bunch of pretty plants, you need to pause and think about your overall design. First, you should learn how to decorate with plants. 

When I first became interested in the idea of decorating with plants, I got all excited and went straight to the store and bought a bunch of succulents and smaller leafy plants. I loved them all but then I needed to find all these little pots for them and it got expensive. Once I had the pots and I laid them all out, it just looked cluttered. I tried to space them out more throughout my apartment, but then, when it was time to water them, I forgot where some of them were and they just died. On top of that, they were too small and I did not get the nice refreshing green space I was hoping for.

I was slightly discouraged, but I didn't want to give up. Then, I had the idea of buying larger plants to make more of a statement. I did a little research and was tentative about the price tag on these large plants and the size of the pots I needed to fit them. But I went for it, and I'm glad I did. 

Why I wish I had started with fewer plants

Less Stress

Obviously, buying just a couple of items is easier than buying a lot. I found it less overwhelming because I was able to easily pick out a few pots that matched and were in the style I liked. 

Less Expensive

Especially because I bought a bunch of plants and pots that didn't end up working out, it got really expensive. It would have ended up costing me less if I had just invested in a couple larger plants that I loved and would fill my space. 

Quick Results

It would have saved me so much time if I had just paused and thought about the overall design instead of going straight to the store and buying a bunch of random plants I liked. These small plants just did not have a big impact on my space, whereas, if I had brought in a couple of statement pieces, I would have seen a huge difference right away and had the green space I was looking for. 


This may not be the best plan for everyone, maybe you live in a small apartment or you can only manage to keep a cactus alive. I just wanted to put the idea in your head, because I love my large statement plants and think you will too. 

Here are some inspiration photos to get your ideas going!

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