How Home Office Plants Boost Concentration, Mood, and Reduce Stress

Image Credit: Alesia Kazantceva

Today, millions of Americans are working from home and this change in work environment has been abrupt for some. Begining to work from home usually requires an adjustment period, learning how to best structure your day and create the right set up. So we wanted to offer some advice on optimizing your home office space by adding plants as a mind and mood-boosting finishing touch. 

Of course, having the right desk, chair, and organizational items is important, but what about the atmosphere? That's where plants come in! Studies have proven that having plants in your home office can boost your mood and even improve concentration and productivity. There is also scientific evidence that plants in your home can reduce stress, and we all could all use a little stress relief right now. 

So why do plants create the perfect atmosphere for working? It's about balance. They absorb the carbon dioxide that we breathe out and in return release oxygen enriching the surrounding air. Science aside, plants just make your office atmosphere more pleasant to be in, and when you're happy, it shows in your work. 

Some of the plants and planters we love in our home office are any kind of tall palm paired with our Trend Collection. We think palms have a calming effect and a large one will have a greater impact with less. Our Trend Collection is sleek and streamlined, making the planters well suited for a home office.