About Us & Our Planters

Who We Are

FeatherStone Decor is a small company based in West Palm Beach, Florida. We began selling our products due to a lack of online availability for affordable stylish planters. So we sourced high-quality planters that are lightweight enough to easily ship across the United States. 

Our Planters

Our lightweight planters are made from an environmentally safe talc powder, sandstone, and powdered stone mixture, bound with a resin for maximum strength and durability. 

For our first three collections, we created timeless and versatile designs by choosing classic and minimalistic shapes and neutral colors. We hope you like them!

Feel free to send us any feedback or questions at contact@featherstoneplanters.com



Our Founders

Priscilla Malaga - Operations & Customer Relations 

Priscilla has been in the pottery industry for over 10 years now. Every year she visits multiple factories where she helps with designing and discovering new pottery products. This gives Priscilla the opportunity to do what she loves, traveling the world and satisfying her inner foodie. She likes lightweight pottery for its ease of use, and she preferers an industrial style design.    


Courtney Duerig - Creative & Marketing

Courtney has a background in digital marketing and e-commerce, which has enabled her to bring the FeatherStone brand to life online. Her love of traveling has allowed her to explore the beauty of the urban jungle trend that has exploded worldwide. She is a #plantmom to various succulents, a banana plant and, the easiest not to kill, a 6 foot Dracaena.


Scott Lucas - Logistics

After recently graduating from college, Scott has learned the ins and outs of the pottery business from his father who works in the industry. Scott has a natural talent for business and entrepreneurship and is excited to see the FeatherStone brand grow. 


Contact Us
FeatherStone Planters
350 Tall Pines Road
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