Product Info

FeatherStone provides planters with beautiful simplistic designs and natural colors. Our minimalistic approach gives our products aesthetic longevity and versatile use. We value the satisfaction of our customers and deliver the highest quality products possible.

Our lightweight planters are made from an environmentally safe talc powder, sandstone, and powdered stone mixture, bound with a resin for maximum strength and durability. Due to the substantially lighter material, we are able to provide large statement planters and ship them at an affordable cost.

It is normal to see some differences in coloring, markings, texture, and general appearance.

The fine print: The customer acknowledges that the products supplied are susceptible to normal wear and tear. 

  • Though durable, due to the nature of pottery products, they can be damaged by force, impact or scratching.
  • Our frost resistant products can expand, contract, crack or distort as a result of over-exposure to heat, cold, and natural elements.
  • Our pots can mark or stain when exposed to certain substances.